Everest Dream

  • Advice for Aspiring Authors

    Advice for aspiring authors  As my book continues to over deliver I just want to say to anyone who is thinking of writing a book just do it. When I conceived the idea for writing about my experiences on Everest I was told by a few individuals in the publishing trade that I would struggle to make ... View Post
  • The Success of the Book

    As the book sales show no signs of slowing down I have found myself at a loss to explain how and why? I guess the why is easy? It is obviously because people like my story. The how is a bit more difficult to grasp. How am I now on the verge of taking the book to 100 reviews on Amazon in the Uni... View Post

    Six days ago I was at a real low point. Even by my standards this was as black as it could get. I was consumed by envy and extreme jealousy at seeing all the stories of summit success emerging from Everest. I needed to distance myself from this so I made a snap decision to come away from social media; at least until the summit season had ended. For the past week that is exactly what I have done. I will return though. After all social media is ultimately a great thing. It has made the world an open tool for communication, removing traditional barriers of contact across the entire planet. It helped get me to the mountain twice. I would be crazy to shun it completely. Some time away though is not a bad thing, as I have just discovered. View Post