Everest: It's not about the summit. Crowdfunding campaign launched.

In November 2016 I released a self-published story detailing not only my two attempts to climb Mount Everest in 2014 and again in 2015, but also my early life and the journey I took to the foot of Everest, twice. This story which became a paperback and kindle book called Everest: It's not about the Summit , was only possible because of the support I received when I launched a pre-sale campaign through the GoFundMe platform. I managed to raise enough to cover the initial print run and the professional editing costs. The book was released to generally positive reviews and is available everywhere exclusively through Amazon.

I have repeatedly been asked over the past year if the book is available in a hardcover format. As the book was self-published the expense of this meant it wasn’t possible. However after a recent feedback exercise online where I asked if anyone would once more buy the book, but this time in the hardcover format, the response was overwhelmingly in favour of releasing Everest: It’s not about the Summit , as a hardcover, which I now hope to do through this new campaign. I am looking to raise enough to cover the printing and publishing costs of 250 books. I do not envisage having any more than this produced. A) I won’t be able to afford more than this and B) Realistically I won’t sell any more than this. If you were one of the many people who contacted me asking me for my book as a hardcover then this is your one only opportunity to pre-order and reserve a copy. 

Any profits that are created above and beyond the costs of the book will be donated to a Nepal charity. I have in the past raised money through the sale of the paperback version of the book for the Juniper Fund , Community Action Nepal , Kidasha and a Sherpa guide called Sukman Pakhrin  whose village was flattened during the 2015 earthquake. I would like to once more give back however small or large an amount I am able to through the book. 

A few months ago I decided to stop doing motivational talks on the strength of my two Everest attempts. I personally felt like a fraud talking about the mountain when I didn’t reach the summit. I am comfortable with this decision as I wasn’t doing many talks anyway. However if this campaign is a success I will do one final talk to coincide with the release of the hardcover. This will be once more in the North-East. Again all profits from the evening including any books will go to a Nepal charity. 

So please help me with my goal of releasing my story as a hardcover? Now is your chance to do that. Even if you have read my book and own a copy of the paperback please consider purchasing the hardcover version as a book you can either stick on your shelf or use a door stopper. The book will be sent out in time for Christmas. 

This time last year I was able to bring out my book due to the generosity of hundreds who pledged to buy the paperback upon its release. Please support me one last time in helping me to turn the book into a hardcover.

Take a look at the rewards to the right and please help me with my publishing costs for the hardcover version of Everest: It’s not about the summit.

To pre-order a copy of the book please click on the following link


Thank you so much one last time.

Ellis J Stewart

9th October 2017.