The Success of the Book

As the book sales show no signs of slowing down I have found myself at a loss to explain how and why? I guess the why is easy? It is obviously because people like my story. The how is a bit more difficult to grasp. How am I now on the verge of taking the book to 100 reviews on Amazon in the United Kingdom? If I do hit this milestone then I will be joining a pretty special group indeed. One with only three members, John Krakauer, Bear Grylls and Anatoli Boukreev. All three reached the summit of the mountain and all three had huge selling books. In fact these books continue to sell well everywhere. Its Not About the Summit will never sell anywhere near the amount that these illustrious authors books do. I am realistic enough to know that a self published account of climbing Everest just doesn't have the marketing clout behind it that published books such as Into Thin Air, Facing Up and the Climb had. I have pushed and promoted the book as best as I am able. I am not in a high street store. You will not find my book in any airport terminal book shop nor anywhere else other than on Amazon. Yet despite this I may be about to join this club of Everest authors with 100 plus reviews on the UK Amazon store. 

So what you might ask? After all a review is just that. It is someones personal opinion on what they think. You could have thousands of reviews and unless they are in the majority favourable then it would mean nothing other than rubbishing your work. But when 93% of all the reviews left for my book are 5 star reviews then this adds a certain credibility and seal of approval. I have added the latest Amazon review below. 



Right now I am riding a wave of success with the book but I am also cautious enough to know that it possibly wont last.