Everest North Face
For what he hopes will be his third attempt on the mountain Ellis has swapped his attention to the opposite side of the peak. This time it is the formidable north side of the mountain through Tibet where he has firmly set his sights. 

The north side of the mountain is rich in history and has long held a deep fascination for British climbers. Indeed it was this side of the mountain that George Mallory and his climbing partner Sandy Irvine disappeared into the history books on the north east ridge as part of a British team in 1924. The world has been left wondering ever since if the duo were successful in their attempt. The discovery of Mallory's body high on the north side in 1999 has done little to solve the mystery. 

The northern approaches to the summit of Everest are generally less crowded than those of the southern route though Nepal. The majority of climbing teams on Everest tend to focus their attentions on the south east ridge route through Nepal, where prior to the events of 2014 and 2015, a successful climb was more favorable than from the north. 

There are disadvantages and advantages to both routes, so when it comes to the mountain and climbing it, it is simply a case of choosing your poison. 

If successful in raising the funds to go, Ellis is hoping to climb as part of a small close-knit team who are also aiming to the make the ascent in the spring of 2021. 

For Ellis to return to the mountain for the fourth time for an actual third attempt on the summit he will need to find sponsors or crowdfund to make this a reality. Ellis knows this is incredibly difficult in the present climate. But nothing ventured nothing gained. 
On April 1st 2019 Ellis launched his campaign to return to the mountain. 
If you would like to become an Everest 2021 sponsor click into the Everest 2021 Sponsors page where all the information on how he hopes to return to the mountain can be viewed. You can also become a sponsor yourself.