Everest: It's Not About the Summit - Ellis J Stewart (Paperback, Kindle)

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Everest: It's not about the summit

In the summer of 2015 Ellis began to write his story of being caught up in the two most disastrous seasons ever on Mount Everest. In a book he called Everest: It’s not about the Summit, he tried to write very candidly about not only his experiences on the mountain but also what drove and propelled him towards Everest in the first place. Not able to entice a publisher to take the project on, Ellis knew he had a compelling story and wouldn’t take no for an answer so he decided to self-publish the book.

After launching a hugely successful crowdfunding campaign Ellis was able to pay the editing and printing costs to release the book, which he did to rave reviews in late 2016. Due to popular demand Ellis launched another campaign to bring the book out in a hardback format in January 2018Once more he successfully raised the money and was able to release the book in a limited edition run of 250 copies. They sold out instantly. In early April 2018 the kindle version of the book went to the #1 spot in the Mountaineering and climbing category on Amazon in the UK. 

Endorsed by Canadian high altitude climbing professional Al Hancock and British larger than life actor and adventurer Brian Blessed the book has received large critical acclaim. Described by the dozens of five star reviews as an inspirational cliff hanger which is a must read for all. You do not have to be a mountaineer to enjoy the book. It has universal appeal and should be on the book shelf of all armchair mountaineers the world over. 

Doug Scott with Everest:It's not about the summit

Famous People with the Everest book

Now at 150 reviews strong on Amazon UK with a 89% five star rating the book continues to sell well. The book is now the 2nd highest reviewed Everest book on Amazon UK