Everest: It's Not About the Summit - Ellis J Stewart (Paperback, Kindle, Audible)


Everest: It's not about the summit

In the summer of 2015 Ellis Stewart began to write his story of being caught up in the two biggest disasters in history, to hit Mount Everest back to back. In a book he called Everest: It’s not about the Summit, he tried to write as candidly as he could about not only his experiences on the mountain, but also what drove and propelled him towards Everest in the first place. Not able to entice a publisher to take the book on, he knew he had an interesting story and wouldn’t take no for an answer so he decided to self-publish the book.

After launching a successful crowdfunding campaign Ellis was able to pay the editing and printing costs to release the book, which he successfully did to some really nice reviews in late 2016. Ellis launched a second campaign to bring the book out in a limited edition run of 250 hardcover booksOnce again through peoples generosity he was able to raise the money required and was able to release the book in early 2018. They sold out within a few months.

In early April 2018 the kindle (eBook version) of the book went to the #1 spot in the Mountaineering and climbing category on Amazon in the UK. It has remained in the top ten, drifting back to the top spot for over two years now. In 2019 the book was narrated for audio by a chap called John Weston and released onto Audible in August of that year. 

As of October 2020 the book has 255 reviews on Amazon UK. You can read the book by purchasing a copy direct from Amazon

In Sept/October 2020 Ellis donated the sale profits from 155 copies of the book to Community Action Nepal. The book sold out through this website with all proceeds going to this fantastic charity, which benefits the mountain people of Nepal. 

Described by just some of the many five star reviews as: