Misadventure: Lessons Learned from a Life of Ups & Downs -Ellis J Stewart (Hardback, Paperback, Kindle & Audible) 

The Inspirational follow up to the Best selling Everest: It's Not About the Summit.

Misadventure: Lessons Learned from a Life of Ups & Downs

'In 2015 high on the side of Mount Everest I experienced the darkest days of my life to date. Little did I realise that the darkest day was still to come four years later. But this also led to me discovering the truth about who I was, and what I wanted out of life. It took a life of Misadventure to discover the answers.' - Ellis J Stewart 

Sometimes you come across a book that draws you in and makes you want to stay to the very end. This is one of those books. Some would say it is a brutally honest look at a life with plenty of adventure and misadventure. Rather than being a book that leaves you feeling down and disheartened, it leaves you encouraged and positive.

Ellis J Stewart is honest, forthright and tells it like it is whether it is celebrating success or sharing a failure. Readers have found the book both inspiring and supportive, an honest account of mental health issues and illustrating that there can be positives that come out of it.

His story has moved many to tears and also had them shouting for joy as he takes you through a life of some serious ups and downs. Ultimately, it is a journey of overcoming many obstacles and mishaps, with determination and a good deal of self belief.

The foreword by Rob 'Zed' Metcalfe and the specially written poem by Anthony Frobisher add something special to this already powerful and emotionally charged book.


In 2004, Ellis wrote to the great explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes. In his reply he said 'You write a great letter and would write a very funny book ...' We'd like to think this is that book!

Life is full of experiences, good and bad, tragic and life affirming, much of what Ellis has experienced will resonate with the reader, whether it is the strength to follow your dreams or coping with the depths of depression and self worth and everything in between. Maybe the lessons he has learned will go on to inspire and encourage others as they follow their own journey. Even without that, it is a thrilling ride through a life that is lived with enthusiasm and passion. 

We all have our own mountains to climb. Some we may succeed in reaching the peak. But with every success there may be many failures, false starts and frustrations.

Life is a challenge. It is how we accept, face, tackle and ultimately overcome and most importantly learn from them that defines our humanity and precious time on earth. Ellis Stewart has faced many mountains, metaphorical and physical. Including the highest of all, Everest. His life has been a colourful series of misadventures...and I would add, plenty of adventures too.

An autobiography of someone who aspired to achieve, to do well for himself and his family, to be the best version of himself, though has made mistakes and encountered misfortune in pursuit of this. But Ellis Stewart emerges as a better man for all the downs as well as ups. Written with integrity, honesty, humour and warmth, Misadventure is a beautifully written book.

It doesn't gloss over the harsh difficulties of life. The difficulties and challenges frame the possibilities, opportunities and successes. One cannot exist without the other. Ellis Stewart has written a book that we can all learn from. And then we can face our own mountains with renewed hope.

The book is also available from Amazon in eBook, paperback and Audible. As well as that a special limited edition hardcover is available direct from the publisher FBS at the following link:

Misadventure limited edition hardcover