• Everest Base Camp Trek 2021 Deposit - Spring

Everest Base Camp Trek 2021 Deposit - Spring


Please be aware you are paying a non *refundable deposit of 20% of the trip price of £2,500. 

£500 will be charged to your card. As soon as you pay the deposit, I will send you a booking form, medical declaration and previous experience form. All three of these need to be signed and returned to me. 

This deposit is to secure your place on the Everest trekking team for the dates March 30th - April 16th 2021. This will be a 17 day trip. Please be aware of that when making your booking and make sure you are able to commit three weeks away from your home, work, family and friends. 

I understand that I will need to pay a £500 deposit today to secure my spot on the trek. I know that I will owe a payment of £2000 eight weeks before my trek starts. 

I understand that my £500 deposit is not refundable unless I cannot accommodate your dates or I need to cancel the entire trip. In which case a full refund will be given.
I understand that trekking is a physical activity and that I am in sound physical and mental condition to participate. By agreeing to this statement, I promise that I will seek my doctor's advice about participating in the trek. By the time my trek begins, I will be able to handle at least one 5- to 7-hour hike per week, no problem.
I understand that there are inherent risks involved with trekking, especially to high elevations. I am incurring a certain amount of risk in agreeing to participate in this activity, and I do so willingly and without placing any liability on Everest Dream. I also understand that I will have to sign a full release before embarking on my trek.

*In the unlikely event that I need to cancel the trip a full refund will be issued for any and all monies transferred across.